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How to Write a Last-minute Essay

In high school I was assigned a number of essays to write. With each essay came a lengthy period of time when I was to brainstorm, develop a thesis, piece together an introduction, craft supporting arguments, and deliver an exemplary conclusion. After several attempts at stretching out this process over the allotted time, I discovered that it was to my advantage if I saved the entire project until the last day or two and raced myself against the deadline clock. What resulted in almost all my efforts were pieces of writing that used my creative talent and focused my incessant desire to write into a clear essay. Now that I am taking a college composition course, I feel that the skill of writing a quality last-minute essay under pressure should be shared with my companions in the world of college writing.

To successfully piece together a last-minute essay, a topic must be selected and agreed upon before sitting down to write. This ensures that the writer can stay mentally focused and be able to concentrate solely on writing the essay. Once the to…

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